What is USSSA?

Organized in 1968, the then United States Slo-Pitch Softball Association was formed to meet the demand of the ever changing slow pitch softball market. Five (5) progressive, forward thinking slow pitch softball directors broke away from the old standards to form a new organization with one thing in mind…”to provide quality administration for a quality slow pitch softball program.”

Some 45 years later the United States Sports Specialty Association registers over 100,000 slow pitch softball teams; 50,000 baseball teams; 25,000 fast pitch softball teams, 25,000 basketball teams; and several thousand teams in the newly formed sports of Flag Football, Golf, Soccer and Volleyball. The current philosophy of the USSSA has not changed from its conception in 1968…”quality administration for a quality sports program.

USSSA has recently been accepted into the USA Baseball Organization http://info.usssa.com/pdf/PressreleaseUSABaseball.pdf and is continuing to look for ways to better the organization and meet the needs of teams.

USSSA baseball is quickly becoming one of the largest divisions of USSSA.

Why should I register my team with USSSA?

Registered teams are eligible to participate in area tournaments earning points for seeding in the State and National Tournaments. USSSA registered teams are also eligible to purchase the USSSA insurance which offers the best coverage at the lowest rates available. For more information on insurance click here: www.usssainsurance.com

USSSA also offers a choice of levels of participation so teams can play on a level they are comfortable with… “A” – recreational teams “AA” – recreational teams/lower level competitive teams; AAA” – competitive teams; “Majors” – the top 10% of teams

USSSA also has area and state directors who help monitor the teams and try to prevent “sandbagging” …making tournaments fair and competitive for all teams participating. The ultimate decision of classifying a team rests with the State Director.

USSSA offers State Tournaments, National “A” and “AA” Tournaments and “AAA” and “Majors” World Series for teams wanting to participate in post season play. To participate in these, you must play in area qualifying tournaments.

How do I register my team?

Go to www.usssa.com and click on baseball. Follow the directions to register your team.

What if my league is not a USSSA registered league?

Not a problem!! You can participate in other leagues, organizations or tournaments and still be registered with USSSA. Just register with USSSA and you are a sanctioned USSSA team eligible for the benefits that come from being a part of USSSA.

How do I qualify for post season play?

To qualify for the state tournament, you only need to play in a USSSA Sanctioned tournament during the season. To qualify for a National tournament, you need to play in a USSSA Sanctioned tournament during the season and the State Tournament. Each USSSA sanctioned tournament will award points to teams based on the order in which they finish. These points will be used in seeding the State, National and World Series Tournaments so the more Tournaments you participate in and earn points for the better your seeding will be for post season play. Teams can follow their points on the national website at http://www.usssa.com/sports/Rank1.asp